Service Associations

Professional Service Association, United Appliance Servicer Association, Marcone Servicer Assoc


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A+ Rating BBB Accredited:

We are proud to be BBB accredited because it means that the Better Business Bureau has acknowledged our commitment to make the highest quality effort to resolve any consumer complaints should they ever arise. Though we strive to delivery the best in appliance repair services to our family of customers, we know that sometimes, for whatever reason, challenges can arise. Through our BBB accreditation you can feel 100% confident that if you fall into one of these rare situations and you need a problem resolved, we have a history of ensuring your satisfaction and a resolution to the challenge. Find out why most of our business comes from customer's word of mouth. Book an appointment today.

Member of: UASA, PSA, MSA:

When you work hard to deliver quality appliance repair service, its wonderful to be recognized both

locally and, if you're lucky, beyond. Through ongoing appliance repair training, membership with Service Associations and  Trade Organizations, we are constantly looking for ways we can deliver ever-increasing quality and professional appliance repairs for our family of customers.

The United Appliance Servicers Association, Professional Service Association and Marcone Service Association provide companies like ours with services and programs including ongoing training, conferences on best practices, connections to manufacturers and more. Through our membership with UASA, PSA and MSA, we are better positioned to deliver quality appliance repair service as the industry and your needs evolve. Call us today for an appointment.